a SON OF Australia talks of ANARCHY

David Black chats to Andy “Gypsy” McPhee

DB – Hi everyone.  Today I am going to be chatting to Andy “Gypsy” Mc Phee.  He is well known for being in Sons of Anarchy (hence the strange title) as well as having been in many other movies.  I met Andy on Richard Wolstencroft’s set, “The Debt Collector.”

Before putting these questions together, I had a chat to Andy via online chat and phone.  So this one is going to be a different interview than most as it seems to me that it is more of a spiritual path where all past experiences have led to today.  Sort of like finding balance in the universe through trying many different things and continually evolving.  So get ready folks.


DB – Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to chat to Oz Indie Cinema today.

Andy, your story seems to me to be one of an Aussie battler from Adelaide that went through a number of different jobs before finding acting.  In another interview that you did, it mentions that you were a pool life guard, bouncer, pro wrestler and scrap metal merchant.  I got the impression that like many of the great achievers, such as Einstein and Winston Churchill that there were many set backs before you found your path.  Can you tell me about these early days?

AP –  I was born in Melbourne and moved to Adelaide at 17.  I was a very angry child growing up.  There were things I didn’t deal with as a young child. I am a very kind loving person but the defensive anger caused many relationship breakups and caused problems with some of my kids.

I have 7 beautiful kids from different relationships.  All wonderful kids.

Started as train driver locos…

Very rebellious

Angry at something always found balance the true me but the underlying anger also found trouble


Bike clubs                                                                               



Night clubs

Pro wrestler

Martial arts



DB – The first listing on your IMDB, from 1990, is Return Home.  How did you end up falling into acting?

AP – Acting was a saving grace something I fell into at 38 from an ad for hungry jacks.  I loved it no training just found my own way in.


DB – You’ve done quite a lot here in Australia.  Your IMDB is that full that there is only room here to list and discuss a few.  Instead of me asking, can you tell us about Wolf Creek, or Blue Healers, or McLeod’s Daughters, it might be best for me to leave it to you to tell us what the highlights were for you.

AP – I was pro wrestler and got add for hungry back as pro wrestler.  Found an agent and just went for it and work kept coming. And blessed it still does.  11 jobs in 5 months!


DB – You ended up going to live in LA and ended up in Sons of Anarchy and Criminal Minds.  Can you tell us a bit about the decision to move to LA and your experiences there?

AP – it was because of kodi he won afi.  Then we all moved and just went for it


DB – You’ve done quite a bit on Neighbours and Home and Away until 2012.  Did something change that year or soon after?  I see that you started moving from the soapies into the local indie movies after that.

AP –  not sure.  Transition I guess.  More life experiences changes us.


DB – You were telling me that all the acting experiences have led you to today.  You are now doing a number of different, related things in acting and life coaching.  Can you tell us about this?

AP – Over years of now I have started healing with myself and other relationships with family. I have my faith now I ride with bikers for Christ. I am introduction leader with landmark which was a big change in helping shift that past.  I now coach and mentor and Work Iinternationally.

Things aren’t always smooth but you have to deal with cause and have a new effect on people around you.

Currently I am in Nashville filming but will be back in Melbourne in August for more work and an actors retreat in Sept on magnetic island.

My personal battles and things I have caused have led me into my faith, my coaching, my healing and healing past relations. Which helps me mentor for others and offer chance for others to see the real person in the crap that can cover us.



Thanks for taking the time to chat to me today Andy.

Andy McPhee Imdb – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0574173/


Author: ozindiecinema

David Black is an actor, director, writer, producer, musician and cartoonist from Melbourne Australia. He is best known as being the man behind the horror rock band, Darkness Visible.

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